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Imperial Guard Baneblade

Baneblade model 1
The Baneblade super heavy tank is based on the resin kit produced by Forgeworld. I bought the Mars pattern Baneblade kit to use as reference for building the CG model and when time allows I hope to be able to build the other variants of the super heavy tank, the Shadowsword, Stormsword and Stormblade, by working from the photos on the Forgeworld website.

Baneblade model 2
Rear view of the Baneblade. There are actualy a few details left off the back of the tank as I have not yet created a picture in which they would be visible... unless you count this image of course.

Baneblade model 3
A close-up of the Baneblade main turret..

Baneblade model 4
A colour variation of the Banblade model.

Baneblade model 5
A view from above the Baneblade.

Baneblade model 6
A side view of the Baneblade.


Check out the Games Workshop website for further information on the Warhammer 40,000 game and miniatures.